Network Resident Nuisance Call Filtering Systems

Telco Benefits

Group Utilities provides a range of nuisance call filtering software solutions for network operators. The benefits for a network operator adopting our technology are:

  • Enhanced Revenue/Margin From Existing Base
    • Potential of £10m over normal telecom margins (UK Telcos)
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
    • Reduce erosion of the landline customer base
  • Improve Customer Communications
    • Leave informative messages on their line
  • Reduce Customer Recruitment Costs from the other Telcos
    • No Telcos have an effective nuisance call management system
  • Innovative Corporate Image
    • Attractive PR story, unique selling proposition and product differentiation
  • Improved Relationship with OFCOM

Customer Experience

  • The Customer’s Phone Never Rings if it’s a Nuisance Call
    • Non-Intrusive: Minimal changes to the customers phone experience
  • Adaptive: Friends and family are automatically remembered and put straight through
    • No Installation
  • Highly Effective: 99% elimination of nuisance calls