Community CallBlocker?

Community CallBlocker is the most effective way to stop unwanted calls.

Other call blockers require you to block each junk call yourself. We’re different. Community CallBlocker benefits from a community of people doing the blocking for you.

Every time you, or any of our other users block a nuisance call, you are protecting, not just yourself but the entire community.

So I block, you block, we block for everyone. Our community-sourced block list blocks 99% of national and international scam numbers.

As our community grows, so does our ability to stop these unwanted callers once and for all. Sound like smart teamwork? We thought so.

How does it work?

bullet.jpg  Blocks 99% of junk calls, out of the box! 
bullet.jpg Automatically accepts friends, family and emergency services
bullet.jpg Allows friendly international calls, but blocks international sales numbers
bullet.jpg Interrogates withheld callers
bullet.jpg Easy to use! Suitable for the elderly or impaired
bullet.jpg You block from phone, no need to be next to device
bullet.jpg Software updates keep your block list up to date
bullet.jpg Line powered, no external power or batteries required

Join Us

Joining our community is free of charge. Working together, we stand strong against nuisance calls.

Tell your friends and family. The more the merrier. 


I hereby give consent to be contacted by Group Utilities. We will contact you for the sole purpose of helping you get the highest level of protection against unwanted calls.


icon_phone2.pngTel: +44 1892 704 202


icon_address.pngCalverley House
55 Calverley Road
       TN1 2TU

Useful Information

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